How to care for Damoon Products

How to use Damoon Products

We strongly encourage you to follow these instructions. In that way, the products will last longer, and you will always keep them in a good condition. When you use our products for the first time, Yughee, food stains and fingerprints will be more visible. However, more and more you use our products, the stains will disappear soon. Eventually, you will see deeper original Yughee texture. If you keep food which contains with anything strong acid such as soy sauce and vinegar, there are some chances that color may be changed. It is recommended to wrap with paper or plastic when in long-term storage. It will be convenient to use the quilted pocket that we sent together. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Do not put in a stove, an oven or an open fire.

The surface of the Yuhgee – the light gold color part, clean the surface with some dish soap and a scouring pad. If you wash on the direction above and following the veining, the surface turns out to be more beautiful. When you wash our product(s), there could be some black water may come out. You can just rinse it off and wipe it out, then it’s ready to use.

The outside of the bowl is coated with Ottchil – the black part, clean it with a sponge. Please do not use the scouring pad on the outside. You can wipe it with a dry towel to maintain the luster of our product(s).