Mirom Inc is a designing firm that wants to redefine home furnishings and furniture based in Los Angeles. Launched in 2019, the company is already serving as a pioneer in the luxury lifestyle realm with CEO Jang Yoon at the helm. CEO Jang has received numerous accolades, and his expertise has been envied and praised by many professionals in the industry. Specializing in both indoor and outdoor designs, his protruding designing efforts and craftsmanship are the core value for the company in 3 categories of business: retail, outdoor, & studio.


Mirom Shop and Cafe/5, which are a part of Mirom Retail operations, are opening the doors in July 2020. We want to engage and connect with LA’s more sophisticated consumers by providing them with a design- er-artist-centric theme. In order to better serve the consumers, we don’t want to be just “another store” or “another cafe.” We will recommend and introduce items that our designers hand-picked. We really want to impress our customers.


Mirom Outdoor’s role is to inspire creativity in the company. We want to be extra creative with our line of outdoor furniture. While our motive is to get away from the boredom as far away as we can, saying that we are different would be an understatement. We are very confident with our portfolio that they will consist of pieces that are full of innovative ideas that will both satisfy the functionality and aesthetics that our sophisti- cated and informed consumers would appreciate.


Mirom studio has been working with a South Korean conglomerate LG on their Signature Kitchen Suite line. And Mirom Studio has been rendering designing services for their Milano presence and other projects consis- tently demanding perfection and sophistication to truly meet the needs of their high end brand audience. The Signature Kitchen Suite was never interested in mediocre design; neither did we.